How does Walgreens make it easier to be well? By placing the future of wellbeing in everyone’s hands. I helped design and ship three major releases of the myWalgreens mobile app—HealthCast, New To Therapy, and Shopping. Even more impressive, our team was able to build this product during a pandemic.
experience design • interface design • production

Community Health Articles
Walgreens is more than just a drugstore, so they wanted to provide their patients with regularly updated community health articles. Because their stores can be found nearly everywhere, articles are surfaced based on location and season.

Virtual Fitness
EverPass is a virtual fitness source where customers can engage in activities like HIIT, Yoga, Meditation, and more. Patients start streaks of a particular activity, earning a reward at its completion. In addition, Walgreens offers suggested and sponsored videos and podcasts.

Product Bundles
Another feature I owned is product bundles—a component comprised of related products within a common category. Walgreens being a retailer wanted to make it easy for patients to add similar or like products to their shopping carts with ease. I created all states for this component.

New to Therapy
Starting any new therapy or routine can be daunting, confusing, and ultimately stressful. Together with our Walgreens partner, we set out to build an experience that calms nerves and eases patients into their new prescriptions. This easy-to-use program called New To Therapy (NTT) is loaded with daily support and motivation.

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