I'm Ryan, a Chicago-based graphic designer with a lifelong habit of making digital interfaces. My other obsession is musical theatre, which has grounded my design process in strong storytelling and empathy for others. These days, I create cool things at Razorfish.
I studied design at Shillington graphic design school in New York City and won a GDUSA award for my work there. I also hold an MFA from NYU and a bachelor's degree from Vanderbilt University. I like to joke that I have a master's in collaboration, but that's essentially the truth.
Outside of the design world, I'm a composer and musician who has worked on Broadway shows, recordings, and films.
Ko • rell   [kuh-'RELL]
Last names can be hard. Mine sounds like CorelDRAW or Steve Carell. It almost rhymes with the hand sanitizer. Yeah, you got it.
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